Portable, powerful, reliable.

The Farrow System® 185

The Farrow System® 185 is the flagship line of The Farrow System products. With its powerful 185 CFM compressor, it can handle almost any job with ease.

What is The Farrow System?

The Farrow System® is a revolutionary, environmentally safe, and cost effective surface restoring method that quickly removes protective coatings, oxidation, and graffiti from most surfaces without damaging them. Now, surfaces can be easily restored that were once impossible to clean by other methods!

Developed to efficiently remove coatings from fiberglass boat hulls without damaging delicate gelcoats, The Farrow System® is equally effective for restoring projects ranging from removing durable industrial coatings to cleaning fragile historic surfaces during restorations.

New for the EU Market!

The Farrow System® 125

The Farrow System® 125 is our new unit specially designed for the EU market. A powerful 125 cfm compressor matched to a large blasting pot lets you blast through most projects with ease.

What is The Farrow System EU?

The Farrow System® EU is the distributor site for The Farrow System in the EU and the Balkans. This site is brought to you by The Pytheas Group. The Pytheas Group is are the authorized distributor and training center for all products associated with The Farrow System in the EU and the Balkans.The Pytheas Group is an experienced team that serves professionals working in or intending to work in the surface preparation and restoration industry. This includes surface blasters, painters and cleaners. We serve all the countries in the Mediterranean basin, and particularly Greece where our headquarters are located.

Affordable and versatile!

The Farrow System® 60

The Farrow System® 60 is our most inexpensive unit. But don't let its price fool you, this machine has all the capabilities of our larger units.

Who are The Pytheas Group?

The Pytheas Group provides equipment, training, service and solutions to the blasting community at large and specialize in matching our customers with a surface restoration solution most suitable to their needs. Some of our customers move on to become Pytheas Partners and as such are extensions of the Pytheas Group headquarters, working in cooperation and accordance to Pytheas Group's own high standards with regard to the environment, quality, customer service and technical professionalism.